Source code for tensorpack.predict.feedfree

#!/usr/bin/env python

from import _HookedSession as HookedSession

from ..callbacks import Callbacks
from ..tfutils.tower import PredictTowerContext
from .base import PredictorBase

__all__ = ['FeedfreePredictor']

[docs]class FeedfreePredictor(PredictorBase): """ Create a predictor that takes inputs from an :class:`InputSource`, instead of from feeds. An instance `pred` of :class:`FeedfreePredictor` can be called only by `pred()`, which returns a list of output values as defined in config.output_names. """
[docs] def __init__(self, config, input_source): """ Args: config (PredictConfig): the config to use. input_source (InputSource): the feedfree InputSource to use. Must match the signature of the tower function in config. """ self._config = config self._input_source = input_source assert config.return_input is False, \ "return_input is not supported in FeedfreePredictor! " \ "If you need to fetch inputs, add the names to the output_names!" self._hooks = [] self.graph = config._maybe_create_graph() with self.graph.as_default(): self._input_callbacks = Callbacks( self._input_source.setup(config.input_signature)) with PredictTowerContext(''): self._input_tensors = self._input_source.get_input_tensors() config.tower_func(*self._input_tensors) self._tower_handle = config.tower_func.towers[-1] self._output_tensors = self._tower_handle.get_tensors(config.output_names) self._input_callbacks.setup_graph(None) for h in self._input_callbacks.get_hooks(): self._register_hook(h) self._initialize_session()
def _register_hook(self, hook): """ Args: hook (tf.train.SessionRunHook): """ self._hooks.append(hook) def _initialize_session(self): # init the session self._config.session_init._setup_graph() self._sess = self._config.session_creator.create_session() self._config.session_init._run_init(self._sess) with self._sess.as_default(): self._input_callbacks.before_train() self._hooked_sess = HookedSession(self._sess, self._hooks) def __call__(self): return def _do_call(self): raise NotImplementedError("You're calling the wrong function!")