Source code for tensorpack.tfutils.collection

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# File:

from contextlib import contextmanager
from copy import copy
import six

from ..compat import tfv1 as tf

from ..utils import logger
from ..utils.argtools import memoized

__all__ = ['backup_collection',

[docs]def backup_collection(keys=None): """ Args: keys (list): list of collection keys to backup. Defaults to all keys in the graph. Returns: dict: the backup """ if keys is None: keys = tf.get_default_graph().get_all_collection_keys() ret = {} assert isinstance(keys, (list, tuple, set)) for k in keys: ret[k] = copy(tf.get_collection(k)) return ret
[docs]def restore_collection(backup): """ Restore from a collection backup. Args: backup (dict): """ for k, v in six.iteritems(backup): del tf.get_collection_ref(k)[:] tf.get_collection_ref(k).extend(v)
[docs]@contextmanager def freeze_collection(keys): """ Args: keys(list): list of collection keys to freeze. Returns: a context where the collections are in the end restored to its initial state. """ backup = backup_collection(keys) yield restore_collection(backup)
@memoized def get_inverse_graphkeys(): ret = {} for name in dir(tf.GraphKeys): if name.startswith('_'): continue if name in ['VARIABLES']: # will produce deprecated warning continue ret[getattr(tf.GraphKeys, name)] = "tf.GraphKeys.{}".format(name) return ret class CollectionGuard(object): """ A context to maintain collection change in a tower. """ original = None def __init__(self, name, check_diff, freeze_keys=(), diff_whitelist=None): """ Args: name (str): name of the tower check_diff (bool): whether to check and print about collection change when leaving this guard. freeze_keys (list): list of keys to backup when entering and restore when leaving this guard. diff_whitelist (list): list of keys to ignore, when check_diff is True. Defaults to some collections that are normally changed, including variables, losses, contexts, queue runners. """ self._name = name self._check_diff = check_diff if diff_whitelist is None: diff_whitelist = CollectionGuard._default_diff_whitelist() self._whitelist = set(diff_whitelist) self._freeze_keys = freeze_keys self._inverse_graphkeys = get_inverse_graphkeys() @staticmethod def _default_diff_whitelist(): ret = [tf.GraphKeys.TRAINABLE_VARIABLES, tf.GraphKeys.GLOBAL_VARIABLES, tf.GraphKeys.QUEUE_RUNNERS, tf.GraphKeys.LOCAL_VARIABLES] for newkey in ['COND_CONTEXT', 'WHILE_CONTEXT', 'LOSSES']: if hasattr(tf.GraphKeys, newkey): ret.append(getattr(tf.GraphKeys, newkey)) return ret def _key_name(self, name): return self._inverse_graphkeys.get(name, name) def __enter__(self): self.original = backup_collection() self._freeze_backup = backup_collection(self._freeze_keys) def __exit__(self, exc_type, exc_val, exc_tb): if exc_type is not None: return False new_coll = backup_collection() if self._check_diff: self._print_diff(new_coll) self._restore_freeze(new_coll) return False def _print_diff(self, new): newly_created = [] size_change = [] for k, v in six.iteritems(new): if k in self._whitelist or k in self._freeze_keys: continue if k not in self.original: newly_created.append((self._key_name(k), len(v))) else: old_v = self.original[k] if len(old_v) != len(v): size_change.append((self._key_name(k), len(old_v), len(v))) if newly_created: "New collections created in tower {}: ".format(self._name) + ', '.join(["{} of size {}".format(key, size) for key, size in newly_created])) if size_change: "Size of these collections were changed in {}: {}".format( self._name, ', '.join( map(lambda t: "({}: {}->{})".format(*t), size_change)))) def _restore_freeze(self, new): size_change = [] for k, v in six.iteritems(self._freeze_backup): newv = new.get(k, []) if len(v) != len(newv): size_change.append((self._key_name(k), len(v), len(newv))) if size_change: "These collections were modified but restored in {}: {}".format( self._name, ', '.join( map(lambda t: "({}: {}->{})".format(*t), size_change)))) restore_collection(self._freeze_backup) def get_collection_in_tower(self, key): """ Get items from this collection that are added in the current tower. """ new = tf.get_collection(key) old = set(self.original.get(key, [])) # persist the order in new return [x for x in new if x not in old]