Source code for tensorpack.utils.loadcaffe

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# File:

import numpy as np
import os
import sys

from . import logger
from .concurrency import subproc_call
from .fs import download, get_dataset_path
from .utils import change_env

__all__ = ['load_caffe', 'get_caffe_pb']


class CaffeLayerProcessor(object):

    def __init__(self, net): = net
        self.layer_names = net._layer_names
        self.param_dict = {}
        self.processors = {
            'Convolution': self.proc_conv,
            'InnerProduct': self.proc_fc,
            'BatchNorm': self.proc_bn,
            'Scale': self.proc_scale

    def process(self):
        for idx, layer in enumerate(
            param = layer.blobs
            name = self.layer_names[idx]
            if layer.type in self.processors:
      "Processing layer {} of type {}".format(
                    name, layer.type))
                dic = self.processors[layer.type](idx, name, param)
            elif len(layer.blobs) != 0:
                    "{} layer contains parameters but is not supported!".format(layer.type))
        return self.param_dict

    def proc_conv(self, idx, name, param):
        assert len(param) <= 2
        assert param[0].data.ndim == 4
        # caffe: ch_out, ch_in, h, w
        W = param[0].data.transpose(2, 3, 1, 0)
        if len(param) == 1:
            return {name + '/W': W}
            return {name + '/W': W,
                    name + '/b': param[1].data}

    def proc_fc(self, idx, name, param):
        # TODO caffe has an 'transpose' option for fc/W
        assert len(param) == 2
        prev_layer_name =[name][0]
        prev_layer_output =[prev_layer_name].data
        if prev_layer_output.ndim == 4:
  "FC layer {} takes spatial data.".format(name))
            W = param[0].data
            # original: outx(CxHxW)
            W = W.reshape((-1,) + prev_layer_output.shape[1:]).transpose(2, 3, 1, 0)
            # become: (HxWxC)xout
            W = param[0].data.transpose()
        return {name + '/W': W,
                name + '/b': param[1].data}

    def proc_bn(self, idx, name, param):
        scale_factor = param[2].data[0]
        return {name + '/mean/EMA': param[0].data / scale_factor,
                name + '/variance/EMA': param[1].data / scale_factor}

    def proc_scale(self, idx, name, param):
        bottom_name =[name][0]
        # find the bn layer before this scaling
        for i, layer in enumerate(
            if layer.type == 'BatchNorm':
                name2 = self.layer_names[i]
                bottom_name2 =[name2][0]
                if bottom_name2 == bottom_name:
                    # scaling and BN share the same bottom, should merge
          "Merge {} and {} into one BatchNorm layer".format(
                        name, name2))
                    return {name2 + '/beta': param[1].data,
                            name2 + '/gamma': param[0].data}
        # assume this scaling layer is part of some BN
        logger.error("Could not find a BN layer corresponding to this Scale layer!")
        raise ValueError()

[docs]def load_caffe(model_desc, model_file): """ Load a caffe model. You must be able to ``import caffe`` to use this function. Args: model_desc (str): path to caffe model description file (.prototxt). model_file (str): path to caffe model parameter file (.caffemodel). Returns: dict: the parameters. """ with change_env('GLOG_minloglevel', '2'): import caffe caffe.set_mode_cpu() net = caffe.Net(model_desc, model_file, caffe.TEST) param_dict = CaffeLayerProcessor(net).process()"Model loaded from caffe. Params: " + ", ".join(sorted(param_dict.keys()))) return param_dict
[docs]def get_caffe_pb(): """ Get caffe protobuf. Returns: The imported caffe protobuf module. """ dir = get_dataset_path('caffe') caffe_pb_file = os.path.join(dir, '') if not os.path.isfile(caffe_pb_file): download(CAFFE_PROTO_URL, dir) assert os.path.isfile(os.path.join(dir, 'caffe.proto')) cmd = "protoc --version" version, ret = subproc_call(cmd, timeout=3) if ret != 0: sys.exit(1) try: version = version.decode('utf-8') version = float('.'.join(version.split(' ')[1].split('.')[:2])) assert version >= 2.7, "Require protoc>=2.7 for Python3" except Exception: logger.exception("protoc --version gives: " + str(version)) raise cmd = 'cd {} && protoc caffe.proto --python_out .'.format(dir) ret = os.system(cmd) assert ret == 0, \ "Command `{}` failed!".format(cmd) assert os.path.isfile(caffe_pb_file), caffe_pb_file import imp return imp.load_source('caffepb', caffe_pb_file)
if __name__ == '__main__': import argparse parser = argparse.ArgumentParser() parser.add_argument('model', help='.prototxt file') parser.add_argument('weights', help='.caffemodel file') parser.add_argument('output', help='output npz file') args = parser.parse_args() ret = load_caffe(args.model, args.weights) if args.output.endswith('.npz'): np.savez_compressed(args.output, **ret) elif args.output.endswith('.npy'): logger.warn("Please use npz format instead!"), ret) else: raise ValueError("Unknown format {}".format(args.output))